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Adjustable No Slip Space Tie Dye Headbands - 6 Pack



  • Stretch elastic non-slip headbands
  • Grosgrain space tie dye prints
  • Adjustable length 18" to 22" diameter
  • 1" width
  • Comfortable to wear traditionally or around forehead style
  • Soft velvet lining for comfort


The perfect nonslip headbands for girls who want to look fashionable at school, playing sports, or just relaxing at home.  Comfortable for everyday wear and adjustable to fit your own unique shape.  

Each set includes 6 different colors, giving you multiple style options to match with your favorite outfits.  

Girls love to give our hair accessories as party favors and as gifts to friends.


Customer Reviews

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Patricia J
Great product!

I have a wide head. Regular headbands hurt by my ears after about 5 min of wearing. Many headbands that go around the head don’t stay in place. These extend wide enough for my head and say in place. Definitely recommend.

The only con is the limited solid color options.