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ABBIE ROSE x Frog Sac Spa Headband and Scrunchie Wristbands - Hot Pink



  • Spa headband and scrunchie wristband set
  • Colors - Hot Pink
  • Design - "Fabulous"
  • Prevents liquids and water from running down your face and arms
  • Soft water-absorbing terrycloth material
  • Stretch elastic to fit most kids to teens
  • Headband size 14" | Wristband size 6.5" - Best fit for teens to adults
  • Reusable and machine washable on hand wash cycle and air dry


"This has been a dream of mine to launch a product that is really cute that can be used not just for practical purposes like face washing, but also for making fun content like GRWM videos and makeup tutorials. This set has that little something extra that says cute AND fashionable!!"  - Abbie Rose


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