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DIY Kids Face Mask Lanyard Kit



  • 900 total chain links in 6 different color packs
  • 12 cute silicone charms
  • Length: Customizable 
  • Colors - pink/black/white combo, turquoise, purple, multi, cool multi, warm multi
  • Easily clips onto mask straps to create a chain necklace lanyard
  • Multi-function lanyard straps for face masks
  • Can also be used to create DIY necklaces and bracelets for children


Keep your face mask clean, convenient, and unwrinkled by making your own fun DIY mask lanyard!  Use this fun activity for kids who are stuck at home or are looking for a unique project. 

No need to take your mask off and store it in your pocket, bag, or on a dirty table.  Simply slip the chain lanyard around your neck like a necklace for easy accessibility to your face mask.