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Teddy Bear Ear Spa Headband and Scrunchie Wristbands



  • Spa headband and wristband set
  • Colors - camel, black, or white
  • Prevents liquids and water from running down your face and arms
  • Super soft water-absorbing material
  • Stretch elastic to fit most tweens to adults
  • Headband size 18"
  • Wristband size 6.5"
  • Reusable and machine washable on hand wash cycle and air dry

Are you as obsessed with skincare as I am? That's why I developed this super comfy soft spa headband and wristband set. 

The soft plush headband holds your hair back while washing your face and applying makeup or creams.  The fuzzy wristbands prevent water and liquids from running down your arms. 

Perfect for your morning or nighttime routines, and a super cute gift for girls spa parties and sleepovers!